Susanne Miller
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Health and Care Counselling

Procedure of  care counselling

During the initial discussion you get the chance to describe the
situation. What works, what doesn't, what could be better.

In the next step we analyze the situation, view medical reports and with the approval of the patient we make nursing assessment.

Finally we explain the situation from our professional view and show ways and
means to improvement and to make your life easier.
We offer a written care plan on demand.

For individuals in need of care

Being dependent on support and care can lead to feelings of defeat and loss of dignity. You have a right to self determination and protection of your human dignity. A mature patient knows his needs and rights and is entitled to claim them. Dependent relationships can be challenging for either side.
We can be your partner and mediators.

Our service: assessment – analysis – counselling interview

For family member carers

You support and care for your family member, relative or friend and supply valuable services that allow that person to remain at home in familiar environment. This kind of support is an act of love but can also be challenging, it can overpower, weaken and irritate. Even more so if you are unsure of or untrained in nursing skills and being scared can hinder and make your life unnecessarily hard. Strained relationships are common and excessive demand can be a health hazard.

Our service:

  • counselling interview
  • assessment and analysis
  • practical help and tips for your daily routine
  • training on the job